Sprout is a triple impact app that gives you the power to take positive action to fight climate change by planting trees and creating a real life forest from your phone.

It’s a 1-click solution that will help you save the planet in a simple and easy way.

Our home is in Copenhagen, Denmark, yet we are a global app that connects people from around the world.

Why a triple impact app? Because all our actions drive a positive impact on the planet, the economy and the community.
Environment We create a greener world by planting trees.
Economy We work with local villagers and provide them with employment, education and the tools necessary to plant, grow and protect millions of trees each year.
Gen S We are a global, hopeful, transparent, strong, responsible and inclusive community that wants to make a positive impact on the environment and people's lives, by planting trees.
MANIFESTO We are humans
We are connectors
We are transparent
We are optimists
We are inclusive
We are simple
We create balance
We are responsable
We create a better world
We are makers
We belive in the magic of the forests
We are Sprout
and we are growing.
Our Planting Partners
Sprout plants trees with the help of planting partners. Currently we are working with the California based non-profit Eden Reforestation Projects. Today our plantations take place in 6 countries to rebuild natural landscapes destroyed by deforestation: Indonesia, Madagascar, Kenya, Honduras, Nepal and Haiti.